Our Sounds Of The Future fundraising campaign ran from Feb 8th – March 8th, 2017. We were raising funds to soundproof our stage, a provision of renewing our lease at 1160 Broadway, and we surpassed our goal of $50,000 thanks to supporters like you! We are always incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support shown by our friends, families & community, and look very forward to continuing our work and mission of supporting jazz musicians in NYC.

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The Jazz Gallery needs your help! To be able to renew our lease and stay in our current space, we need to soundproof our space.

The Jazz Gallery Needs Your HELP!

For more than two decades, The Jazz Gallery has been a home for people who love this music, musicians and audience alike. Please help us continue to serve you!  Help us raise the necessary funding to soundproof our performance space, a provision in the lease at 1160 Broadway.  We turn to you, our friends, family, members, patrons, musicians, community, to help us raise the money to do this.

Great sounds emanate from The Jazz Gallery stage…sounds that also resonate throughout the building often to the distraction of our neighbors.  So in order to enter into a new long term lease our landlord has mandated the soundproofing of the entire performance space.  This is a big job and a costly project.

Challenge Grant

We were generously awarded a grant from the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation for our Sounds Of The Future campaign on Feb 28th. The Foundation set us a challenge, reach $30,000 and they would award us with a $25,000 grant!  Well, we did that plus more with time to spare, and are extremely grateful to have received this grant which will provide additional assistance to soundproofing, and making improvements to our space.


Some of the perks!

Support from some of our friends!


A note about Indiegogo

After much research we chose to use the Indiegogo platform for our ‘Sounds Of The Future‘ fundraising campaign, and could not have been more disappointed with them. We wanted to use a crowdsourcing platform rather than host it ourselves because of the support, ease (for us, and for our supporters) and credibility sites like Indiegogo provide.

A few days after our campaign launched we received an email from Indiegogo stating that they were changing the way they collected payments for non-profits and that any campaign still running on February 28th would be closed. That’s it – no warning before we started, no solutions, and absolutely no customer service to assist us. They simply kept telling us how great their new system was going to be, which obviously was of no use to us seeing as we were getting closed down.

We chose to redo our campaign, and finish it, on our website, and were truly overwhelmed with the support from our community. We had thought that the closing of our Indiegogo site would be detrimental to our campaign, but you proved us otherwise!

And so, in the end, it turned out well – Indiegogo received far less a commission than they would have should our campaign continued with them, and here we are now, letting you know that we would never recommend them to anyone.


The Jazz Gallery is America’s premier performance venue for emerging international artists who challenge convention, take creative risks and lead their field as performers, composers and thinkers. Through residencies, workshops and exhibitions, we provide a platform for artists to discover their unique voice and a home for established musicians to continue to experiment and grow. At The Jazz Gallery, artists and audiences come together from around the world to explore new creative ideas, collaborate and celebrate jazz as a dynamic art form that reflects our ever-changing world.

The Jazz Gallery is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Jazz cultural center founded in 1995.

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